Evaluating Software Design Patterns
— the "Gang of Four" patterns implemented in Java 6

Uses of Class

Packages that use NonResettableSequence
dk.rode.thesis.proxy Implementations and examples of the Proxy design pattern [Gamma95, p.207]. 

Uses of NonResettableSequence in dk.rode.thesis.proxy

Subclasses of NonResettableSequence in dk.rode.thesis.proxy
 class ImmutableSequence<E>
          An immutable sequence ensures that invocations of reset(), ImmutableSequence.next(), and ImmutableSequence.copy() are ignored for the proxied sequence if and only if the proxied sequence is accessed through the proxy only.

Methods in dk.rode.thesis.proxy that return NonResettableSequence
 NonResettableSequence<E> NonResettableSequence.copy()

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