Evaluating Software Design Patterns
— the "Gang of Four" patterns implemented in Java 6

Package dk.rode.thesis.meta.util

Various utility classes and functions.


Interface Summary
ErrorHandler An error handler can decide whether or not a given type of error is manageable or not using the ErrorHandler.handle(Throwable) method.

Class Summary
Arguments An arguments object represents a collection of String arguments that may or may not have an associated String value.
Arguments.Argument An argument represents a single argument, with or without an associated value.
Const Various constants used in this project.
KeyValue<K,V> A placeholder for a key with an associated value, where a non-null key or value can only be set once.
Strings Various string utilities.
Throwables Utilities to manipulate throwable types and objects.
Util Various utility functions.

Enum Summary
Primitive A primitive constant associates a primitive type with its wrapper class.

Package dk.rode.thesis.meta.util Description

Various utility classes and functions.

Gunni Rode / rode.dk

Gunni Rode / rode.dk

Feel free to use and/or modify the Java 6 source code developed for this thesis AT YOUR OWN RISK, but note that the source code comes WITHOUT ANY — and I do mean WITHOUT ANY — form of warranty WHAT SO EVER!

The original thesis and source code are available at rode.dk/thesis.