Evaluating Software Design Patterns
— the "Gang of Four" patterns implemented in Java 6

Package dk.rode.thesis.meta.test

Various tests.


Interface Summary
Testable A testable class is used to perform overall functional tests, reporting the results to a log using the Testable.test(Log, Arguments) method, but is NOT meant as a replacement for unit testing, for example using JUnit.

Class Summary
AllTests Executes all individual pattern tests.
IntegrityTests Sequence integrity tests.

Package dk.rode.thesis.meta.test Description

Various tests.

The Testable interface defines a simple and convenient way to test the overall functionality of a given pattern, but is NOT meant as a replacement of unit tests of individual packages and classes! The tests performed by Testable classes normally have a higher level or granularity.

All known testable classes can be tested using the AllTests class, which tests each registered Testable in turn.

To test Sequence behaviour, the IntegrityTests class can be used. It tests the general behaviour of all created Sequence types.

Gunni Rode / rode.dk

Gunni Rode / rode.dk

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